Oriental Music Journey with Mahran Moreb:
Sounding Jerusalem 2023

Compositions by Mahran Moreb, world music, classical Arabic songs

Mahran Moreb – qanoun
Lamar Mire’b – singer

Antonio Shakour – violin
Maram Abu Ahmad – oud
Adham Sweed – keyboard
Maen El-Ghoul – percussion (Riqq)
Mohammad El-Ghoul – percussion (darbuka/dorbakke)
Yasmin Mahmoud – doublebass
Jameel Matar – drum set
Wolfgang Schröder – violin (Germany)
Rebekka Hartmann, violin (Germany)
Anna Brugger – viola (Switzerland/Germany)
Erich Oskar Huetter – cello (Austria)

Price: 60 NIS / person
After your reservation you’ll get an automatic reservation email, please bring the reservation confirmation and the ticket fee to the concert. Payment only in cash, at the box office.

The evening box office opens one hour before the beginning.  Ticket validity up to 30 min before start!
Seating: Free choice of seats (first come first serve)


Samstag, 06. August 2022


20:00 - 21:00

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Sounding Jerusalem 2023&‌#8220;