ENTFÄLLT wetterbedingt: Gemeinsam einen muslimischen Friedhof pflegen:
Montagmorgen, 20. März, auf dem Zion

A clean up of the vegetation in the Dajani Cemetery – Monday March 20th , 9:00–12:00 am

On Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the members of the three religions will join to work shoulder to shoulder and clean up the ancient Moslem cemetery, adjacent to King David’s Tomb. Despite these days of political strife, and in face of the dire reality – the sons and daughters of the three religions will work together, shoulder to shoulder to help each other to clean and beautify their holy places in the city of Jerusalem.

On Monday morning, March 20th , 9:00–12:00 am, the Dajany family will open its cemetery gate, and with volunteers and professional workers will clean up the vegetation.

Please come to help and share! Even for one hour. For info and registration: